Wrecking Crew


The position of the coin in the bonus stage can be manipulated based on a global timer. The best way to do so is to wait a specific amount of time before pressing start at the beginning of the game.

Bonus Stage Coin Pattern

In the bonus stage of Wrecking Crew, the player must collect a coin, which is randomly positioned behind one of 16 walls. The walls are numbered 0-F (hexidecimal for 0-15) from left to right.


The position of the coin is set at the beginning of the bonus stage based on a timer that is always running from reset, and even while paused.

The coin changes position every 11 frames. It follows this pattern (and loops):

A 5 2 B 6 1 C 7 2 D 8 3 E 9 4 1 A 5 2 B 6 1 C *

where the * represents 3 frames outside the pattern.

So, if the coin is in position 7, it would be in position 2 11 frames later.

The pattern loops every 256 frames, which is 4.26 seconds.

Last Updated: 8/30/2022, 8:35:57 AM