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Technodrome Timing


On original hardware, there is no way to guarantee the location of the technodrome. This guide explores how to maximize your chances.

For best odds of getting hole 1, reset the game while holding select, and press start on frame 4. You can confirm that you hit frame 4 by checking that "Press Start" showed for just 4 frames before flashing (at 60 fps).


The odds of getting a certain door change based on the frame that you press start. The odds for each frame are shown below as a percentage for each given frame. *

Frame Odds

* Odds based on 500 game starts on orignal hardware and game, using a game genie. See the testing section below for details.

Timing Method

If you hold select while resetting the game, the copyright screen will be skipped.

Pressing start at the earliest possible frame results in "PRESS START" being displayed on screen for 1 frame. It remains on screen for another frame for each frame that elapses before pressing start.

If you want to press start on frame 4, look back at the gameplay recording. If "PRESS START" is shown for 4 frames, you pressed start on frame 4.


Testing was done on original hardware and game. The game genie was used to rapidly showthe state of the technodrome rng. Two codes were used.

The first (AGKKKLIS) assigns the rng number to the starting world. When you press start, you will appear in world 3, 4, or 5, which correspond to hole 1, 2, or 3 respectively. Using it makes it possible to see the rng immediately, without playing through the game.

The second, two line code (SXEKAVOZ / TOEKPTAE) assigns the value of the in game frametimer to the subweapon count. Using it shows on which frame start was pressed.

The tests were done on 2 separate consoles, each gave similar results, though it is not guaranteed that your console will behave identically. That is one of the reasons that Iam sharing this data and testing method, To see if it is true that the randomization changes between consoles, and by how much.

Game Genie Codes

The following codes are useful for testing RNG values. Note that they have side effects which make the game unbeatable, so they are only suitable for testing purposes.


Jump to world based on Technodrome RNG

The game will start you in one of three worlds, based on the hole that the technodrome would have appeared in, based on your random seed. Warp Code Results



(2-line code) - Show starting timer value as subweapon count

The subweapon count in the pause menu will show a number that correlates to the frame on which you pressed start. Since the value of the timer will typically be higher than the maximum value for subweapon count, it must be decoded, but it will accurately show a frame accurate value up to frame 17. After that, the displayed value repeats, and is unreliable. Subweapon Table

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